About Us
In business since 1991
founded by Dawn Griffiths and Al Pesotine

Pan Cultural Associates, Inc.
is a highly qualified archaeological and historical consulting firm located in Northeastern Pennsylvania specializing in all phases and aspects of cultural resource management and related studies. We offer a wide range of Professionals, including… Historic & Prehistoric Archaeologists, Architectural Historian, Biologists, Geologists and a Geomorphologist.

We have a professional staff and list of consultants with the expertise to perform Phase I, Ia, II, III Archaeological Testing and the ability to complete a project within the expected time-frames provided field conditions are favorable. Our experience extends to pipelines requiring archaeological monitoring and testing in and around the state of Pennsylvania. We are capable of positioning a large field crew as needed. On site surveys are performed to determine our initial scope of service.

Our office includes facilities for both analytical and report preparation activities supported by an in-house reference library of regional archeological literature. We set a high standard of communication levels between our clients and our company, as we feel that this in an essential component for quality performance of each project.

Pan Cultural Associates, is a registered user of Penn Dot through their ECMS (Engineering Management System) for the State of Pennsylvania. Our qualifications are updated yearly as a requirement of the state.