Frances Dorrance Newsletter | November 2011

 James Herbstritt to Speak

     The November meeting of the Frances Dorrance Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania

Archaeology will be held on November the 29th at 7:00 PM at the Duryea Municipal

Building. Members and the general public are invited to attend.

The speaker at this months meeting will be James Herbstritt, Historic Preservation

Specialist from the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Mr. Herbstritt’s talk will be on the late

woodlands period in the Susquehanna Valley. Earlier this month he presented this same

talk at the 2011 Annual Workshops in Archaeology Program at the State Museum of Pennsylvania

. This is a great opportunity for those who were unable to attend the workshop to

hear one of it’s featured presentations.

Herbstritt is a graduate of Pennsylvania’s California State College and a State archaeologist

for over 30 years with an acknowledged expertise in native American pottery.

He is also a long time member of this chapter and has been involved in numerous local excavations.

In addition to his lecture, Mr. Herbstritt has volunteered to examine and identify

any native American pottery that the audience wishes to bring to the meeting. This will be

a rare chance to have a genuine authority examine and classify what you have as well as

give you insight into the people responsible for it’s manufacture.

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