Archaeology of the Conrail Site 36LU169
Everyone from prehistoric families living in the shadows of the retreating glaciers, through early canal workers and railroaders, left a little something for archaeologists to find. The Conrail Site (officially referred to as 36LU169) which is located at the Coxton Rail Yards  in Duryea, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, is situated within half a mile of where the Lackawanna River flows into the Susquehanna River. This is the entrance to the Wyoming Valley.
Greater Pittston Cultural Coalition, Inc.
Mission Statement
To promote cultural awareness in the Greater Pittston Area.

Background and Purpose
The coalition is a non-profit, educational organization that began in 2008. The goal is to promote cultural awareness in our area. Members can be of all ages, from youngsters to senior citizens and encompass all levels of expertise in a multitude of diverse disciplines.